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Friday, 18 April 2008

Preparing for the Adventure

This week's poem doesn't really fit with the main entry that I entered earlier today. It's one I wrote inspired by that book that I'm so fond of, so I've decided to add it as a separate entry.

Preparing For The Adventure

I make a list headed

“Things That I’ll Need” –

Biscuits, chocolate, crisps, more crisps

and squash to wash down the feed.

I’ll be wanting a torch

and rope and a spade,

and a bag to hold all these

odds and sods for the plan that I’ve made.

I catch the bus to the woods

climb over the fence

by the “No trespassing” sign,

crossing the line that doesn’t make sense.

I sit and I eat

and I wait for my prey,

but the forest is empty.

I sigh, and I rise to call it a day

then from the thicket

a rabbit runs past

quickly I follow to

its home in a hole - on my way at last.

I take out my spade

and dig all around.

I’m going to join Alice

adventuring deep underground.

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