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Childish Things

Ambrose Bierce defined nostalgia as "fond remembrance of imaginary times past".
Cynical perhaps (when is Bierce anything else) but true nonetheless. The skies of our childhood where not as blue as we remember them. The games and toys we played with not as absorbing as we think they were. The past isn't what we remember it to be.

Of course nostalgia doesn't have to be for things long gone. We can be nostalgic for last year or last week or yesterday. When something is gone from our lives we can miss it immediately. Time isn't really a factor.

I wrote (and may continue to write) a series of nostalgic posts called "To Put Away Childish Things".

These are the links including a few that fit the theme but weren't given the series title.

The Enid Blyton Question
Enid Blyton Books
Bilston Market
The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
Christmas Past
Gerry And Sylvia Anderson
Top of the Pops Album Series
Table Top Soccer Games
Casdon Soccer
78rpm and the radiogram
And the 78rpm records in question
Pong, Space Invaders etc
School Sports
Airfix Kits
Plain Crisps with Blue Bags of Salt
Jameson Raid
School DInners
School Dinners redux
Fox's Glacier Mints
Polystyrene model kits
The Treasure
Typewriters redux
The Old Neighbourhood
Dungeons And Drahgons
Coterill's Toy Shop
Text-based computer adventure games
Jubilee Ice Lollies
Dudley Beer Festival
Lego and other building sets
Home Brew
Sarah Jane Smith
Fish Ponds
Bilston Carnival
Yellow Dust Jackets