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Sunday, 27 March 2011

To Put Away Childish Things #26

Well... not really, but it's as good a title as any for the post.

Ever since I was a small child, and for reasons long forgotten, there has been a standing family joke repeated so often it's almost become a conditioned reflex. Whenever my Dad asked me what I wanted for Christmas or my Birthday or whatever, I have always replied, "Can I have a penguin?"

Yesterday my brother and his wife visited and, because I am now going to be working overseas, brought a mascot for me. 

And here he is, relaxing in his favourite room in glorious 3D. (And he's in glorious 3D to publicise the fact that my other blog, The World Through A Lens, will soon have a whole series of these 3D pictures.)
Apologies if you are one of the small number of people who can't see what are technically known as "stereoscopic free-viewing images".

Look at a point somewhere in the middle of the picture, allow your eyes to become unfocussed so that the two halves seem to slide towards each other, eventually they should merge giving you the 3D image of my new friend.

You can click on the image to get it on the screen without the rest of the post. You can (probably) adjust the size with Ctrl + and Ctrl -.


arnie said...

I tried for about five minutes, but couldn't make it work. My eyes seem to stay resolutely focused. By the way, will you will be transporting the penguin to China in a fridge?

Bob Hale said...

SOme people just can't do it, though once you've done it once it becomes very easy.Can you cross your eyes? That works too.

And no. I shall be ensuring that he gets a new fridge once I'm there.

Cat said...

I have an eye muscle imbalance, actually, and don't even see depth of field like most people anyway, even in real life. These sorts of pictures never work on me. The old kind of 3D film never worked, either, but the new kind that uses those fun spectrum glasses (like Avatar) work fine. Odd. Will you keep your penguin on the telly?