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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Small Stones: Extended Remixes #2

The 2nd January small stone was The Invisible People of Prague which already has a longer version. The 3rd January poem was this one, written while sitting having tea after visiting the Roman baths at Bath. One of the more interesting things about them is that they were lost. Bits of the stone were cannibalised for other buildings, much of the site was buried and subsequently forgotten. It was centuries before they were rediscovered and redeveloped.

Lunch In Bath
We sip green tea
And eat crumpets
In the Pump Room.
The trio is poised to play a waltz.

Based loosely on this small poem, and on the idea that our civilisation is built on top of theirs and as likely as theirs to survive, I wrote this.

The Romans And Us

We are so very civilized:
we eat crumpets and sip tea,
and listen to a trio play a waltz.
We converse on many topics,
but, oh, so quietly.
We do not number noise among our faults.

We are so very civilized:
We eat dormice and sip wine,
and listen to a minstrel pluck a lyre.
We converse on many topics,
both the earthly and divine.
Our erudition could surely not be higher.

We are so very civilized
that our society
will surely last at least ten thousand years,
before we reach the end
and our civility
fades away at last and disappears.

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