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Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Another poem that slots in earlier, slots in in fact very specifically to the day that I started at secondary school. On that day I was due to catch the 8:20 bus to school with a friend from the next street. As I was getting ready his older brother knocked on my door and said that he was getting the 8:05 instead. I ran as fast as could. It wasn't fast enough so I ended up going on my own on the 8:20 and though I wasn't late I wasn't happy.

First Day

I remember being late
My first day at big school
Or more accurately
I remember not being early
Which felt as bad.

I'd run for the bus,
The five passed eight
But I'd missed it
I'd thought my lungs
Would burst, I really had

And trailing,
Failing so soon
I'd had to catch the eight twenty
Which still got me there
Before the bell

But all my friends had preceded me
And I'd sat alone
On the later empty bus
And I hadn't thought
"Oh, well!",
I'd thought
"Oh, hell!".


Anonymous said...

At least you DID have some friends on your first day at secondary school even if they went ahead of you.

On another theme completely, but one which I know can hitch itself to one of your hobby horses, I thought you might enjoy this from the Premier Foods website (which I was forced to consult yesterday for a potential investor).

"Sharwoods is the number 1 brand in Asian meal solutions"

Bet you never knew there was a problem in the first place.


Bob Hale said...

Maybe it's solutions as i n dissolving them in water.