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Friday, 25 March 2011

Daft Topics

Since I became one of the great unemployed I usually turn the TV on in the morning while I have a cup of tea, eat a bit of breakfast and check my emails. The morning selection isn't great and I usually end half listening to whatever daft topics are being discussed on The Wright Stuff on channel five. It can, surprisingly, be quite entertaining but I think even the presenter would have to admit that, as daft topics go, the idea that the Bible should be edited so that animals are no longer referred to as "it" but as "he" or "she", is about as daft as they get.

Some people seem to have even more time on their hands than I do.


Cat said...

Good grief - I agree that is daft.

Speaking of Brit viewing - what did you think of The King's Speech? Have you seen the movie yet?

Bob Hale said...

I haven't seen it. It's had universal praise though. I tend to only go to the cinema for big action spectacle stuff and wait for the more thoughtful stuff to turn up on TV.