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Sunday, 6 March 2011


There ought to be a lot to say about my schooldays but there isn't. Which is kind of half the point of this very slight bit of exposition. The other half  of the point is to explain how I ended up studying maths at University. It's not very good. It just moves things on.

Long Division: Reprise

Though school days were not heaven
Neither were they hell,
And seven years slipped by
With little there to tell.
There were lessons I enjoyed
And lessons I did not
When examinations came
I took, and passed, the lot.
And everyone assumed
The course my life would take
And I walked along their path
As if I'd had no stake
In any of the choices
And as if each new transition
Had been decided years ago
By that simple long division.
So schooldays came and went
And I moved up and on
To study for my BSc
As if all choice had gone.
Mathematics, they decided
Was where my future lay
And so it was, for I behaved
As if I had no say.

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