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Sunday, 24 November 2013

10 Things I've done in China...

...that I didn't do in England (and the reasons I did them).

In no particular order.

Play dice games in bars.  (Because everybody does)

Drink tasteless 3% lager.  (Because there's nothing else available.)

Eat out more than half the time (Because there are at least twenty good restaurants within five minutes walk of my front door... and all of them are cheap.)

Take taxis everywhere. (Because they range from fifty pence to a pound for anywhere in the city.)

Walk out in front of cars and hope that they will stop. (Because if you don't it is impossible to cross the street.)

Use Facebook (Because it's the only way to communicate with SOME of my friends.)

Take a 140 km round trip for a pizza. (Because sometimes you just gotta have pizza.)

Sing in KTV - the Chinese version of Karaoke (Because entertainment possibilities in Baiyin are limited.)

Dress up as Gene Simmons for a Halloween Part. (Because it seemed like a good idea at the time.)

Eat "century eggs" which are green, black and slimy. (Because I was at dinner at someone's house and it seemed impolite not to.)