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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Delivering New Content

I've neglected this blog in the last year.
The post count says sixty-five but that's a bit of a lie. It's as misleading as the medical claims on a TV advert for toothpaste. This blog has been clinically proven to have more than five posts a month on average. Except that it hasn't, has it? Of those sixty-five posts at least twenty-five of them were reposted from things I'd put on Facebook so that the actual count for the year is no more than forty. Probably rather fewer.
So for a while I shall return to posting a few things here.
There may still be reposting going on but I'll try to, as they say in television circles, “deliver new content”.
So let's begin with last night's New Year celebration at The Lounge, an ex-pats bar in Yangshuo. I go there a lot but usually there are no more than about ten people in – sometimes just me and Adam, and he owns it! Last night was different - it was packed. There's a band that plays every week at another bar in town and they had set up their equipment in the lobby of the adjoining hotel (which, bizarrely, seems to only have guests about once a year). There were cheap drinks and free food. There were fireworks. And there was possibly the most surreal spectacle that I have ever witnessed outside a David Lynch movie.
At one point in the evening there was something Adam described to me as a silent disco. Sets of cordless headphones were handed out to people who could put them on and then choose from one of two different playlists being piped into them. The music wasn't audible to those of us without them.
These headphone-wearing customers listened to the music and danced to it while the room itself was filled with an eerie silence broken only by the shuffling of their feet on the tiled floor. To make it even more bizarre all the headphones came equipped with flashing red and blue lights and the room lighting was subdued to the point where tripping over the furniture became a major hazard.
It all went on for about twenty minutes and the sight of twenty or so people dancing to music that only they could hear was unbelievably weird. It looked like a cross between scenes from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and an early Doctor Who episode where the Cybermen were busy taking over people's brains with silver headsets.

Anyway, it was a passably jolly evening over all. I've had far worse New Year's Eves in the past. Hopefully it will bode well for the forthcoming year.