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Monday, 21 November 2011


Gary Longden has included my blog in his five nominations for the
"Liebster" award, a kind of chain mail project promoting blogs with
fewer than 200 followers. I'll put a bit more detail about that when I
add my own five suggestions tomorrow. (Or the next day, definitely
before the end of the week. Hey, I read a lot of blogs, choosing five
will be hard.)

Anyway, what I wanted to put here was what Gary wrote in his nomination.

"combines the absurdities of Stephen Merchant's "An Idiot Abroad" with
the turn of phrase of Martin Amis and the sureness of observation that
only foreigners can make in the spirit of Bill Bryson. It is quite
brilliant – and instructive. "

I think we have a winner for the position of blurb on my next book cover.

Thanks Gary. The cheque is in the post.

Gary's blog can be found at