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Monday, 28 May 2012

Bilston Voices

It's damned inconvenient being able to post to my blog via email but not actually look at my blog because it means that I have a tendency to forget what I posted about. Still, while I'm in China it's a situation that's unlikely to change. The Chinese Government isn't in love with the concept of blogging and specifically block all blogs hosted by blogger and usually (though not always) all blogs hosted by wordpress.

Which is my way of apologising if I blogged this before.

I'll be home for the summer before returning to China for a second year of my contract, and I have a gig.

For anyone interested I should be appearing on the August bill of Bilston voices performing a selection of my China poems. The intention is to perform some of the poems I wrote detailing my life in Baiyin. This is a one off world exclusive and almost certainly my only performance of the year.

It's at the Cafe Metro in Bilston on 23 August. Hope you can make it.