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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

China Daily Horoscopes

I don't usually read horoscope but the other day, while I was sitting quietly doing the China Daily crossword my eye fell on the horoscope printed on the same page. I was instantly fascinated, so fascinated that I read all of the horoscopes for every sign.

The thing about them was that were not the usual vaguely predictive stuff. You know the kind of thing – "today you will have a chance encounter that could lead to a big opportunity, lucky number 6, lucky colour mauve".

They weren't predictions at all. They were more in the nature of party slogans. They have the feel of advice offered to keep you toeing the party line. I'm especially fond of Cancer, though the hint of menace in Libra is also interesting.


Here, slightly edited for length, is the whole collection.


Capricorn: Forming an association for the wrong reason might drag you down. Make sure it has a legitimate purpose.


Aquarius: Before making promises to friends think twice about why they are asking.


Pisces: When taking on a job or performing a service be sure that you estimate the costs correctly.


Aries: Keep disagreements private rather than making them public.


Taurus: Be understanding not critical when someone is trying to help you.


Gemini: Do not let extravagance get the better of you. Put necessity ahead of desire.


Cancer: Stick to matters that are materially meaningful and leave social concerns to someone else.


Leo: Your limitations are the result of your negative thinking. You must change your outlook.


Virgo: People will treat you equally as generously as you treat them.


Libra: It is not smart to accept a business invitation from people you know on a social basis.


Scorpio: You might seek out accolades and endorsement, yet not necessarily do anything to earn them.


Sagittarius: If you are not getting the best results with traditional techniques experiment with new procedures.