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Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Hey, I hit the big time. People have started scraping my blog.

Remember the image I posted a couple of weeks ago of an advertising
poster in Baiyin? An image for which the original (timed and dated) is
sitting on my digital camera.
You know, the one about royalty and breasts?
The one that I also sent off to Language Log* where there is an
interesting discussion of the Chinese on the sign as well as the
Remember it?

Imagine my surprise to find the same image hosted completely
uncredited on another site that posts (allegedly) humourous stuff. I'm
on my way to the top. People have started nicking my stuff.
I won't post the name of the site as the last thing I want to do is
drive traffic that way but a quick look shows it to be almost all
scraped material rather than original content.

Actually it's far more likely to have been scraped from the excellent
Language Log site which has gazillions more visitors than I ever do
but a man can dream. The Language Log discussion, which along with
everything else on the site I heartily recommend, can be found at
(* Can't link properly as I have to post via email and I don't know
how. Make do with the address.)