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Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Inland Revenue Always Gets Its Man

No one knows my address in China. I haven't told anyone what it is yet. I don't actually know it myself.
And yet somehow the Inland Revenue (that's the UK equivalent of the IRS for anyone in the US who doesn't know) managed to get not one but two letters to me yesterday. They sent them to the address of the head office of my agency where someone forwarded them to my local administrator who came round to deliver them in person.
Normally I don't like to get envelopes with "her Makasty's Revenue and Customs" printed on them but in this case I was rather pleased as the first one was informing me that I was due a sizable rebate on overpaid tax and the second one was informing me that it had been paid.
I was expecting it to happen but I hadn't expected them to track me down and tell me. They are a bit like the mounties. They always get their man.

Anyway, that's by-the-by.
Here, for anyone that might need to contact me while I'm in China, are the details of how to do it. 

Print a copy of the picture below.
Make sure it's nice and legible.
Securely tape it to the letter, parcel or whatever that you need to send.


Robert Hale
Foreign Teacher
Middle School Number 11
Gansu Province

Send it by a trackable method. The post office will be able to advise on the best method but it must be trackable as quite a lot of post to Chinese addresses goes missing.

Cross your fingers for a couple of weeks and I'll email as soon as I get it.