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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Back in business - sort of

I've been missing in action on the computer for a while now but I
should be back online soon. The problem hasn't been that the new
school failed to provide a computer. Far from it. They had the
computer and the internet installed in my apartment within a day of me
being installed. The problem is...

well, here's a poem about it.

The computer's hooked up and I've powered it on.
The logo's appeared and it's gone "bingly-bong".
I hover my fingers above keyboard keys,
but when the desktop appears, it's all in Chinese.
Of course there are icons, even some that I know.
I suppose I could click them and just have a go,
but I cannot tell OPEN from CLOSE (or DELETE)
so I guess that it's wiser to admit my defeat.
So that's what I'd do if I could but - don't scoff -
I can't even work out how to turn the thing off.

Well tonight they came and reloaded English copies of WIndows and
Office, set up the internet in English and Bob's your uncle. Well he
would be except that half the stuff on it doesn't seem to work. Still
at least it's not working in ENglish rather than not working in
Chinese so I have a fighting chance of fixing it.

Should be back soon.

Watch this space.