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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Things I Miss About England #9 : Galleries (again)

Yes I know I did "galleries" before but I wanted to post a link and this seemed a good series to post it in.
Some years ago, when it was located on the South Bank, I paid my first visit to the Saatchi Gallery, which has since it's move to Chelsea become one of my firm favourites.
There were exhibitions there by many of the luminaries of modern art - Tracy Emin, Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas, Rachel Whiteread and so on but one of the outstanding shows, for me at least, was Ron Mueck's gallery. Mueck, for those who haven't encountered him, does hyper-realistic sculptures of people. They are so realistic that from any distance, even a few inches, they look like real, living people... or they would if not for one thing. They are always done to a different scale. So you get half size people lying naked on the floor, or faces that occupy entire walls but all of them riveting in the detail and the amazing quality of execution.
Some modern art I see and forget, some I see and remember.
Ron Mueck's work is unforgettable.

And now, loathe as I am to post a link to the Daily Mail, here is the link to an unexpectedly good article with a lot of pictures.


Ron Mueck