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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Worst. Spring Break. Ever. Part 2

They really want me to go.

And with that in mind, apparently they have a new plan.

Now keep in mind that I only got the plaster off my leg four days ago and that it stiffens up very quickly if I sit with my leg bent causing me a lot of pain.

Here's the plan.

1. Train at 8 pm to Lanzhou - 2 hours seated
2. Train at 11:35 pm to Xi-An - hard seat, no sleepers available - 8 hour journey
3. Car to Xi-AN airport - 1 hour - seated
4. Flight to Guilin - about 2 hours - seated
5. Car to Yangshuo - about 90 minutes seated

And then I take a walking tour of the town.

Walk? They'll be lucky if I can stand.