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Saturday, 13 September 2014

And on and on

Did you ever have one of those nightmares where you keep on dreaming that you have woken up only to have it start again? Well my visa situation is like that. When I reported the last episode I had returned from Hong Kong and revisited the Yangshuo Public Security Bureau and been told that I needed to send my passport off to the Guilin PSB again. The office told me I didn't need to go personally. Yesterday I discovered that the person responsible for sending it off has left it sitting on his desk for eighteen days, apparently completely forgotten. This only came to light because I asked. Had I not asked it would have sat there until the thirty day visa expired and as that can't be renewed again I'd have been on the next flight out. This means that today I've had to miss lessons to go to Guilin in person where they have taken it away from me again and told me I can get it back on the 8th October. So far the renewal process which normally takes a few days has been going on for FIVE MONTHS and there is no guarantee that it will be right this time. I am seriously considering just packing it all in and finding a contract somewhere else.