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Monday, 29 September 2014

It's... er... a joke

Appearing in my newsfeed on Facebook because a friend had commented on it was a claim that Nigel Farage had said "What we need is a fairer system that involves employers paying what they want, being able to sack people when they want and for whatever reason they want." I have absolutely no time time for Mr Farage but the quote seemed suspiciously unlikely. Sure enough it took me a whole five seconds to source it to NewsThump - a satirical website which has its most recent story (at the time of writing) an item saying Tesco will be selling limited edition cans of beans at one million pounds a can. On Newsthump (31 December 2012) it's put into the mouth of Iain Duncan Smith along with the quote "we need to encourage people off benefits and into mortuaries".
Does no one these days have the critical faculties to spot a joke when they see it?
By all means criticise Mr Farage but criticise him for things he's said and done, not for recycled jokes from a satirical website.