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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Maybe when I win the lottery. (wistful sigh)

There is one edition of Alice in Wonderland that I would love, above all others, to own – the Salvador Dali Illustrated edition. I have seen it on the internet and am familiar with all the pictures in it but as there were only 2000 ever produced I never expected to even see one.
Today I made one of my occasional visits to “The Children’s Bookshop” which is off Charing Cross Road. Whenever I’m in London, I pop in and spend half an hour or so looking at things that I can’t possibly justify buying, sigh and go about my business. Today though, the window display stopped me dead. Spread out in all its glory filling the whole window was the Dali edition. I looked at a lot of books inside (ranging from £25 to over £250 but somehow my heart wasn’t in it. So I went back outside to look at the window again. And then back inside to find out (for curiosity’s sake only) how much it would cost. It turned out to be an absolute steal at £4,500. I don’t expect it will be there long at that price.
If anyone is looking for a present for me I can pass on the address of the shop.
At least I can now say that I have seen a copy. Bloody marvellous it was too.
(You can find copies of the illustrations by scrolling down here.)

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