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Friday, 4 July 2008

What makes a perfect trip?

A quick anecdote, sadly not my own.

This week I saw my brother, freshly back from a trip to Borneo. He had been there with his wife and a friend and his wife. Everything, he assured me, had been absolutely perfect. The trip could not have gone better. Then he told me this story. With wives back at the lodge, he and his friend had gone exploring and they'd found a snake. It wasn't venomous but was sufficiently unusual to warrant a photograph session. The trouble was that it needed a more photogenic setting. They decided to capture it, take it home. photograph it and release it.

And that's what they tried to do. Unfortunately the snake had a different game plan which included sinking its fangs rather hard into my brother's friend's arm. And not letting go.

Together they prised the snake loose and let it go.

I was naturally very interested in this tale.

"That's your idea of 'nothing going wrong'." I said.

Without a moment's hesitation my brother's response was

"Well it didn't bite me, did it?"

It's very hard to argue with that kind of logic.

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