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Sunday, 18 March 2012


I just remembered today that I haven't watched any of the recent
episodes of The Office as it was on mid-season break when I left for
my Spring Vacation.
So I started to watch them today.
And stopped.
Almost immediately.
Well, almost immediately the second episode started.
Minutes into it.
Now I can't watch any more of the series. The last eleven episodes are
destined to be designated as "stories that never happened", just as
one complete season of Doctor Who never happened.
Not in my reality anyway.
And for exactly the same reason.
Catherine Tate.
I've checked, she's in at least seven consecutive episodes.
Why did TWO of my favourite series have to add her to their casts?
It's clearly a conspiracy.
I cannot stand her, to the point where I cannot bring myself to watch
anything she's in. I don't like her alleged comedy and I like her even
less as an actress.
Well I suppose it will save me the cost of buying the DVDs of season eight.

And now the question is which series that I like will she pop up in next?