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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Of Titles And Typos

A friend has just emailed and asked me "what happened to Part 5?"

What indeed!

To reiterate: I can post to this blog by sending emails to it but I
can't actually see it because the Chinese firewall blocks all of the
common blogging platforms. Blogger? Can't see it. Wordpress? Forget
I get a post back from the blog containing whatever I posted so I know
that it's been posted, but that's it.
The result is that I can't go back and look at posts that I have
previously made so that I sometimes forget just where I have got to
when I use sequences of linked titles. Mea culpa. But what can I do?
It also means that if, as I almost inevitably do, I spot typos mere
seconds after hitting ENTER it's too late to do anything about them. I
have no means of correcting a faulty post.

With all that in mind please forgive errors in the titles and tpyos in the text.