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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Another Day, another flatmate

At almost no notice my flatmate has, for no good reason that either of
us could discern, been relocated to another city and so the school has
yet another new teacher while I have yet another new flatmate.
Seems a decent enough sort but why, oh why, do they keep sending us
ones who don't drink? It has the effect that when we go out with
Chinese friends the burden of drinking falls onto just me and Erika.
You might wonder why I cant just say "no". It's not actually possible.
They already know that I drink and the fact that I want to drink in
sensible amounts doesn't enter into the equation. Once your Chinese
friends know that you drink at all the only option presented is to
drink a lot.
If they really get their way "a lot" means until you are rolling on
the floor being sick into a bucket.
The only way not to drink a lot is, from day one, not to drink at all.
For example, on Sunday, before Thomas' unexpected departure, we had
lunch with some local friends. We started at about noon and from the
outset I insisted that I couldn't drink as I had tutorial students
coming at four and I was pretty sure that their parents would be less
than happy if I turned up drunk.
In spite of that they continued to try to press beer onto me for the
whole afternoon and it was only because I was stubborn to the point of
almost offending them that I managed to get away with drinking a
single bottle.

So next time I get a change of flatmate I'm hoping for one who drinks
and can share this burden.