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Thursday, 5 April 2012

China: The Rising Cost of Being Dead

The Rising Cost of Being Dead

I mentioned in my last post the practice of burning imitation money at
Chinese festivals. It seems that it isn't just money.
This is from China Daily, an English language Chinese newspaper.

"The price of paper-made sacrificial offerings has increased by up to
50% ahead of the Qingming festival, or Tomb-Sweeping Day, in
Guangzhou, mainly due to the rising cost of labour and raw materials.
Paper made imitations of famous brand-name luxuries, including Louis
Vuitton bags, cars, laptops, watches, garments, wine and cigarettes
were among the item that saw the largest price hike.
A paper-made foreign-brand car, Louis Vuitton bag or set of
western-style suits now sells at 40 yuan (£4)."

Apparently even dead people need their luxury items, though it's their
living relatives that have to pay the increase in the prices of