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Monday, 16 April 2012

"Geek Joke" or "Why physicists don't get invited to parties"

The lesson this week is very straightforward. In essence the students
choose a location, some characters and a situation and write - then
perform - a brief sketch.

From one group of (presumably) physics enthusiasts among my English students.


Einstein and Newton are playing together in Heaven.

Einstein: Do you want to play hide and seek.
Newton: OK
Einstein: I'll close my eyes and you hide.
Newton: OK

<Einstein closes eyes>
<Newton draws a one metre square on the ground and stands in the middle of it.>

Einstein: Are you ready?
Newton: Yes, I'm ready.

<Einstein opens eyes>

Einstein: Hello Pascal. Where did Newton go?


It took me few seconds to figure out and I have a physics A-level
(admittedly from a long time ago.)