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Thursday, 19 July 2012


I will be appearing at City Voices in Wolverhampton on 14th August and again at Bilston Voices at the Cafe Metro in Bilston on 23d August. I hope to perform different sets (though they will have one poem in common and an announcement of sorts). The Wolverhampton set will be linked in that it's all poetry I have written in China or immediately before I went.
The Bilston set will be drawn from a cycle I have written about a day in my life in the city of Bayin, Gansu province. The whole cycle is too long to perform but will apear in my next book when I get round to creating it.

I also hope to appear at the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden, on7th August but as that's open mike it depends on all sorts of stuff- whether I can get spot, whether it runs in the middle of the Olympic chaos, whether I can make it to London.

These will be my only performances this year (or, indeed, for the next couple of years as I may not make it back to these shores for the next couple of summers.)