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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Just because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

I had lots of cards from students this year.

I know it's a bit self-indulgent but here, complete with all the layout features and
charming mistakes are the greetings they wrote in them.


Merry Christmas to you. Have a

good holiday, happy every day

-          Terry



Good afternoon! Yesterday

was Christmas. Merry

Christmas! Teacher. I

write a Christmas card give

you all the best wishes!

merry Christmas

           Qing Yu Long



Good afterniin!

Happy New Year and Happy

Christmas. You are a good

teacher. I like to learn


I write this card, give you

the best wishes.

          Your student

           Zhang Gian

        Marry Christmas



Happy Christmas. This card is for you. It's very lovely. Do you like

this gift?

Happy Christmas

                    Your student:

                    Xiao Shuang Mu


Happy    Christmas

to   you  !   Thank

you for teaching

us! We all

like you



Dear Bob

Have a wonderfur


You don't at your country

But you can feel happy too





It's your gift.

Do you like it?

It's a peace apple.

Dear Bob

Merry Christmas

Here is a

Christmas tree

for you



Merry Christmas

You are a great teacher

Happy to you everyday.

     Your Chinese

     student: Wen Yi


My dear foreign teacher, Hello.

You very you I am very glad to be able to attend

class to us. When but attend class, discipline isn't very

good in classroom. my delegate's schoolmates make an

apology to you here. Also wish you were Marry Christmas !

          Your student

            Fan Ting Tong


Bob. Marry Christmas! I have

a Chinese name for you Zhang Yingbo.

Do more exercise.

           Li Yang

     English name: Jim


To Dear Bob:

Wishing you much enjoy

in the coming year. May

the warmest wishes, happiest

thoughts and friendliest

greeting come at Christmas

and stay with you all

the year through.

Your student


Give you a gift

at Christmas are two

luminous cups. I hope you

will like iy.


Bob. We love you.

Dear Bob:

You are a great teacher. And I love yo very

much. Because you are kind and

humour. New Year's Day is coming.

I wish you a happy new year.

         Your student



Dear Bob:

      Marry Christmas.

      Best Wishes to you!


Dear Bob




Dear Bob:

Christmas is coming. Do you feel happy? You're

a good teacher and we all like you. Do you like to teach us?

Goodbye. See you next year.


Dear Bob:

Hava a wonderful Christmas, You are good

teacher, thanks for you teach us. I like you.

I always remember you, Merry Christmas

            Your student

            Lu Shibo

Dear Bob

Christmas is coming! Marry Christmas!

I hope everything goes well. I hope you

have a good time. Wishing you good health

and lots of happiness. And I hope things go all

right with you!

           Your student

              Wei Jinke

            Best wishes to you!



Dear Bob,

Merry Christmas!

Hope you enjoy your days here!

Best wishes!

         Your friends,



Happy New year


Lovely Bob

Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year



Dec 25th 2012