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Thursday, 14 February 2013

A quiet lie in part 2

Do they never sleep?
Is everyone in the city stone deaf?
It's been every single morning this week though today they havereally gone overboard.
It's currently 7:56 a.m. and there has been what sounds like a very large war raging through the city for about the last two and a half hours. There has not been a ten second respite. My head is pounding from the noise and the lack of sleep and right at this moment if I had a single firework capable of wiping Baiyin off the map, I'd be lighting the blue touchpaper and retiring.
Celebration is one thing but starting at half past five in the morning and going on for hour after hour with this kind of noise is jkust sadism. Is there really nobody in this whole city that wants to sleep in even as late as six O'clock?
They are not even pretty coloured fireworks. They are just noisemakers.
I'd have got more sleep on the bloody Somme.