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Sunday, 17 February 2013


I'm in a country where I've eaten dog, snake and donkey.
I confess that I passed on the tasty looking (some still wriggling) toasted scorpions-on-stick on my recent vist to Beijing.
I'm at a bit of a loss to understand all the fuss about a bit of horse meat.


So there's horsemeat in the burgers, the lasagne and the stew,
But if you're squeamish about horses then why not about cows too?
And what about those lambs that were frolicsome and cute?
Do you like them with mint sauce - are you really such a brute?
You should go to Scandinavea and buy Rudolph in a tin,
Or served up with potatoes - would you eat him with a grin?
Or you can come to China and I'll take you for a meal
Would you care for dog or donkey? Or does a snake appeal?
There are scorpions on sticks, some of them still squirming
You can see they're nice and fresh as their movement is confirming.
No use in this hypocracy - you'll eat meat or you won't.
Personally I do but it's OK if you don't,
But try to use your reason what difference does it make
If you're really eating horse when you thought it was beef steak?