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Monday, 17 March 2014

Inconsistent standards

I am living in a country that can put men and women into space.

I am living in a country where the electricians can't properly wire a plug.

You may recall the frequent problems I had with my electrics a few months ago. Well they're back and they're worse.

On Saturday I made the foolish mistake of trying to boil a kettle for a coffee while I was ironing a shirt for work. The combination of two appliances on at the same time tripped the fuse.

On Sunday morning I plugged in the water heater as I intended to do some washing. I sat down to read a book and five minutes later the fuse tripped. This time the plug for the water heater was too hot to touch. The plug is the sealed type and is joined to the wire from the heater by twisting the wires together and covering with insulation tape. The tape at the join was also hot.

On Sunday afternoon I was trying to cook my dinner. In the time it took to fry a pan of chips the fuse tripped twice.

This morning I got up, put a kettle on to make some coffee and the fuse tripped before it had finished boiling.

In every case the appliances mentioned were the only ones on apart from the fridge.

When I complained about it originally I was told that the fault was mine because if I didn't plug things in the fuse wouldn't blow, Actually they told me not to ever plug two things in at the same time! Now it appears that I shouldn't plug one thing in at the same time. The low standards of workmanship here never cease to amaze me.