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Thursday, 29 May 2014


Like many institutions here, the Baiyin Cinema always brings to mind the phrase "couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery". I tried, unsuccessfully, five times to see Iron Man, each time being given information by the desk that turned out to be totally wrong. Finally saw that on the sixth try when my girlfriend went with me. Even then it was touch and go as we were told that they didn't have enough customers to show the film and we had to wait for a few more to turn up.
In the case of Oz The Great And Powerful they weren't even able to pin the showings down to a date, let alone a time.
Tonight we'd planned to see the X-Men, but on arriving at the cinema ten minutes before the advertised time of 8:50 for the English showing we were told that for reasons unknown they had decided to switch the English and Chinese showings so that, should we care to see it in English we would need to wait for three hours. That would mean getting home from the cinema some time after 2:30 in the morning, not sensible when we both have to work in the morning.
Tomorrow's times are switched back, but clash with my work. Saturday's times are no good for Teresa and they couldn't tell us whether there will be any English showings at all on Sunday.

At a loss for what to do we considered our options. Neither of us can drink at the moment so bars were out. We had already eaten so dinner was out. My gout is flaring up so going for a walk was out. We tried the coffee shop but the smokers in there made it like walking into a thick fog which I really hate, so that was out. Teresa is staying at her mother's apartment tonight so going to hers and watching TV was out.

I know when I'm beaten. We called it a night. She's at her mothers and I'm back at mine.

Sometimes China can be incredibly frustrating.