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Friday, 2 September 2011

China 4

Well, I'm in Baiyin which is as unlovely a city as I've ever encountered. If the sight of the mountains in Guilin lifted my spirits the bleak drive through the greyish brown mountains from Langshou airport to Baiyin depressed them. The apartment isn't too bad, though lacking quite a few necessities (cups and knives would be nice for example) and Mike, who I'm sharing with seems OK (he's letting me use his computer at the moment as that's something else the apartment doesn't have.
Emails and blogposts may be thin on the ground as gmail doesn't seem to want to work here and I'm having to use his proxy server to get in at all.
I only arrived today and haven't seen the school yet but he says its OK though basic - the only facilities are blackboards!
I will post more later when I can but don't hold your breaths. It may be some time.