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Monday, 27 February 2012

China: A Day In The Life Part 12

OK. So now it's time for dinner. Sometimes I cook in the apartment, three or four times a week I eat out at one of the noodle or dumpling restaurants or, more often, at the barbecue across the street. There is however a mystery associated with the aforementioned barbecue.

The Third Piece


Down at the local barbecue the food is always great.

It's spicy and delicious and we never have to wait.

There's cauliflower and broccoli and beans and aubergine,

coriander wrapped in tofu, and peppers red and green.

There are chicken wings and sausages and - if it is your wish –

you can round your meal off nicely with a tasty piece of fish.

And if you order mutton, with four pieces on each skewer,

it's served up hot and sizzling and tasty to be sure

but with it comes a mystery we cannot solve and that

is the question of the third piece, and why it's always fat.