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Saturday, 18 February 2012

China: A Day In The Life Part 3

The next poem is a rather trivial description of my morning before I leave for school.

Before The Day Can Begin

Before the day can begin
...I must empty the bowl
...that catches the drips
...from the slow leaking pipe.

...I must town on the shower a moderate heat
...and wash off the night.

...I must iron a shirt
...and polish my shoes,
...pack my things in a bag.

...I must pour boiling water
...on instant oats,
...choose something to add.

...I must check my email
...and the texts on my phone
...send them all to the bin.

...I must open the door
...and step into the world
...then the day can begin.

As I said, rather trivial and not very good, but tomorrows poem - describing my walk to school - is better. Promise.