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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I'm Back!!! Did ya miss me?

Well I'm back from my hoiliday and later there will be more about that than even my most dedicated fan could possibly be prepared to read.
Meanwhile the main points are

1. I had a great time.
2. John, who was visiting me, says he had a great time.
3. We did quite a lot of hiking in the beautiful Yangshuo area.
4. We drank far too much beer.
5. I ate almost exclusively western food. John went almost solely for Chinese (apart from breakfasts).
6. I took some nice pictures.
7. I wrote or completed a ton of poetry which will soon be appearing here as a whole new cycle documenting how I spend a typical day in Baiyin.

As for those breakfasts, here's an unsolicited testimonial.

If you are in Yangshuo try the Mimosa Cafe where the breakfasts are bloody marvelous. Real bacon and real sausage along with fried eggs, fried tomatoes, mushrooms for those who want them and - the real winner - baked beans!
They also serve proper English chips not wimpy little American fries and the most perfect apple crumble in town. You can, I am reliably informed, also count on their Chinese food to be tasty fare.

More later. Much more.