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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Things I Miss About England #6: TV quiz shows

This is going to sound bizarre.

I miss TV quiz shows. I was never the greatest fan of them when I actually lived in England but it was occasionally amusing to sit and watch Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Eggheads or Fifteen to One and the more highbrow fare like Mastermind or University Challenge could be rather compelling.

In the hiatus between finishing work in England and leaving for China I even became quite partial to the gloriously silly Pointless.

Now, the more astute among you will notice that all of these shows have a genuine "quiz" element to them in that questions are asked and must be answered. Not for me the inanities of Deal or No Deal with its thirty minutes of choosing random numbers or Golden Balls which at best can be said to be accurately named. Only Pointless even descends as low as the old "we asked one hundred people" cliche but Pointless has a pop-culture element with questions about characters in Star Wars who alter-egos of superheroes that match my knowledge base well enough to make it entertaining. 

And I do miss them. There are probably Chinese quiz shows on TV here but I don't watch them because I don't speak the language. Watching a quiz show where you can understand neither the questions nor the answers. Now that would be pointless.