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Monday, 21 October 2013

Well that's different #11: Music Interludes

The end of lessons here is not usually indicated by a bell, as in England, but but music played over the school announcement system. Some schools play the same music at the end of each lesson; others, like mine, play different music at the end of each lesson.

Mozart is popular, as is Beethoven. Richard Clayderman is inexplicably more popular than the two of them put together. My school, in addition to the aforementioned trio, likes in the afternoon to end the three twenty  lesson with a taped lecture - in English - on the subject of "Ambition". This has replaced last year's taped lecture on the subject of "Why Books Are Your Best Friend".

The thing that's different is the piece of music that is now being played at the end of the four O'clock lesson. Quite why the school has chosen Carl Douglas 1974 disco hit is something of a mystery but it undeniably qualifies qualifies as different.

I'm hopingto persuade them to use "We don't need no education" next year.