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Friday, 19 December 2014

Recycled from Facebook: National Poetry Day

If I Were Back In England: A poem for National Poetry Day

If I were back in England
Right now I'd take my pen
Stare blankly at the page for half an hour
I'd sigh and draw a doodle
Then put it down again
And scowl into the mirror, maybe glower

If I were back in England
I'd feel obliged today
To write some poetry, with or without the muse
So I'd take the pen once more
Maintain my blank-faced way
While the paper seemed to whisper, “Bob, j'accuse”

If I were back in England
National Poetry Day is now
Not yesterday, tomorrow or next week
So I'd force the words to come
I'd pull them out somehow
I'd find a way to write the verse I'd seek

But I am not back in England
So there is no obligation
I can write or not write simply as I will
Of course that makes it easy
This act of new creation

And I hope this poem's one that fits the bill.