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Friday, 8 August 2008

So that's how it works...

I'll be reviewing the Psycho Buildings exhibition at the Hayward next week when I'm back at my own computer and able to add a couple of pictures. For now I'll simply relate one small item about my day out in London yesterday.
I have solved a mystery that has perplexed me for some time: how do all those half-price ticket booths in Leicester Square manage to make enough profit to stay open?

I have personally never used one and, had I been alone, probably wouldn't have yesterday. Brenda and I were, after all, only a hop,skip and jump away from the Criterion where the play* was on. But we were seduced by the fact that it was listed on the board with a full ticket price of £42.50 and a discounted price of £18. OK, when we paid, there was an extra charge of another pound to use a credit card, but that's hardly news, is it?

What we receieved in return were vouchers to be exchanged at the theatre for the actual tickets and what we received in return for them were tickets clearly, and undeniably, labelled as £15.
So now I know exactly how they make their profits.

They were closed by the time we got out of the theatre so instead of trying to complain (it was only a couple of quid, after all) we went for a drink.

(* And the play, in case anyone is interested, was the four player adaptation of The Thirty-Nine Steps which is gloriously silly and just the kind of thing, that by accident or design, we usually end up seeing on our infrequent days out. I'll probably review that later too.)

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