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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Reviewing the reviewers: addendum

I’d like to show how easy it is. Here’s a description of a film.

The opening scene shows a man describing the murder of his father, brutally gunned down by a laughing killer, dying attempting to shield his son who had been callously shot in the lung by the same crazy maniac and left for dead. The narrative is interrupted by the arrival of a third man who immediately dies in agony from drinking poison.

Other scenes in the movie include a man and a small boy being dragged behind a speeding vehicle, a young man beating up an older man until he can no longer stand – watched by a crowd of jeering onlookers including the child, and the same man shooting someone in the hand and then beating him, chasing him until he drops and beating him some more before he’s pushed into the line of fire from four gun wielding hoodlums and dies riddled with bullets.

Sounds pretty violent to me.

The film? West of the Divide starring John Wayne and made in 1934. And, just as in the Dark Knight review, nothing I’ve said is exactly a lie and everything I’ve said is completely misleading. I think it's about time we banned entertainment altogether. That or reviews.

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