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Sunday, 21 April 2013

35 Days: 21st April Poem #9 -Travellers' Tales

We sat at the broken table

in the wooden hut

at the end of the jetty

and drank beer,

telling tales of travels

until the barman shut

and locked the doors

and drew his own chair near.

Outside the sky turned black

the sea a darker green;

inside the tales grew rambling

and empty bottles mounted.

We waved our arms, drew pictures

with our hands to set the scene

and one by one our stories

were remembered and recounted.

And eventually it grew light again

as we had filled the night

with all our separate tales

and filled each ale-fogged head

with recollections of our pasts

and of other pasts that might

not have been our own but

which held a common thread.

And with the light we rose

and went on our different ways

to different unknown futures

from our different lives.

The momentary conjugation

that had joined our common days

had broken with the dawn,

though a lifetime later, the memory survives.