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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Bilston Voices: A Remote Control Review

This month as I am working away I have been unable to attend Bilston Voices. Therefore the following review is a guest post and comes to you straight from the pen of Jill Tromans who, in addition to writing the review performed at the event and, on previous evidence, is far too modest about her own contribution.

Bilston Voices 22 July 2010
Bilston Writers
Jill Tromans
Bilston Writers


Stu Flavill
Heather Wastie

An enjoyable evening at Bilston Voices was launched by a series of fascinating performances featuring the many talents of Bilston Writers, as they cleverly depicted an interesting and informative reminisce of Wolverhampton's Sunbeam factory. They spoke about its history and significance in the town [now city]; as well as reminding us of the effects of its demise on the local community.
Silvia Millward introduced Stuart Haycox, Ramesh Gaat, Jackie Evans and Peter Hill as they recalled fond and sometimes personal memories of Sunbeam's impact through a medley of well-rehearsed and poignant pieces, beginning with Sunbeam - The Light of our Lives, read by Stuart Haycox and concluding with Silvia's soulful, yet hopeful, rendition, Factory On Hold.

Half way through the first half, I attempted to raise a laugh with a couple of  light-hearted poems and a humorous monologue about two elderly aunts.

The second half of the evening was kicked off by the very talented Stu Flavill, who entertained us with a varied and quirky selection of his poetry. I particularly enjoyed his piece about the demise of the Western on TV.

Finally, the multi-talented Heather Wastie brought the evening to a climax with her own special brand of humour. She began by informing us that she had declined an offer to perform at the Royal Albert Hall to appear at Bilston Voices, adding "Unfortunately my orchestra has accepted the other offer."
Her talents appear endless; singer, poet and all-round entertainer who manages to perform with skill and finesse I would travel far to see Heather and her many alter-egos.

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