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Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Sitting around in the staff room yesterday someone said to me, "Why haven't you accepted my friend request?"
It took me a moment to figure out what she meant before I replied, "Because I'm not on Facebook".
It seems that there is someone on Facebook with a name of Harrowteacherbob who has a profile which is clearly me.
Only it isn't.
I have no idea whether it's coincidentally very similar to me or a not very clever identity theft. (I'm here for a couple of weeks a year. I'd never choose that as an account name, I'd pick something relevent to my real life, the one I have all year round. It's an irrelevent point though as I have never had a facebook account and have no intention of ever having one.)

So, if you think you have "friended" me on facebook, you haven't. It's not me. I'm not on facebook.
There's an outside chance that you might run across a livejournal account in my name and that's real because I wanted to access a friend's livejournal blog. However you'd be wasting your time looking at it. I set it up for a one shot use a couple of years ago and haven't looked at it since.
Probably never will again.

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