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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Features I Shall Never Use

I decided to buy a smaller, more compact, camera to take with me to China. My Minolta has been, and continues to be, a fine camera but it is a bit bulky for my current needs so it can stay here in the UK while I take my new Fuji off to China with me. However glancing through the manual I have spotted a number of feautres which rather baffle me.
For example, while I understand that many people are very fond of their pets does it really need two separate modes available - one specifically for photgraphing dogs and one specifically for photographing cats? And what happens if you have a rabbit?
More baffling to me is the GPS feature. I cannot think of any reason why it would ever be important to me to have the camera tell me exactly the direction and distance a place on a particular photograph is from the point where I am standing when I take subsequent photograph.
I often wish people would just make devices that do what a normal human being wants them to do and not clutter them up with features that no sane person could ever need.

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