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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Jam on it

Some people are never satisfied.
My potential buyers for the house (nothing is signed yet) are already getting it at substantially below the original asking price and substantially below the price that I would hold out for if I had more time. I have emptied the house of all furniture, emptied the garage of junk, sorted out everyhting that needs to be sorted out. Even cut the lawns.

Yesterday they couple in question, with the woman's mother in tow, paid me a visit demanding that I use today, my last day in the property, to hire - at my expense - a skip, rip out all the carpets, cut them up, fill the skip and dispose of it.

This, I can say with some confidence, is NOT going to happen. They can pull out of the sale if they want to, and if they do, I wish them the best of luck in finding a similar property at a similar price and especially in finding a mug who is going to pay for the cost of their refurbishment.

Some people just want jam on it.


David Love said...

If the sale does not go through your buyers might like to reflect on the solicitors' fees that they will probably still have to pay.


Cat said...

Good god. What nerve some people have.