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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Arty Bits

I went again last night to Poetry Unplugged in Covent Garden, my third visit in four weeks, and once again was astounded both at the slickness of the organisation and the uniformly high standard of the performances and the poetry. In three weeks I've now seen about ninety performances from about fifty different performers and have yet to see a bad one. Next week will be my fourth and final visit. I'm looking forward to it already.
I really can't recommend it highly enough if you are a poet visiting London on a Tuesday evening who wants to have a go at an open mic.

Of course Now that I've left the Midlands there are other regular performances that I can't make. My reviews of Bilston Voices have, of necessity, ceased. Do not despair. The latest one has been reviewed by Gary Longden over at Behind The Arras. It sounds as if it was another great night.

Before I went into Poetry Unplugged I paid a second visit to the "Shape of Things To Come" exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, this time with my camera. I'll be posting more pictures later, but here's one to be going on with - Fokert de Jong's "The Shooting Lesson".

And while we're on the subject I can also recommend the current exhibition of Doctor Who as represented in comics which covers everything from the old TV21 days right up to now. It's at the Cartoon Museum in Little Russel Street.


Gary said...

Bob,We really enjoyed your last Poetry Cafe review. Play fair, I'll keep reviewing events which you know in the Midlands, but keep the stuff from further afield coming in. You MUST send one froma poetry event in China. Regards. gary

Bob Hale said...

Will do Gary. The only reason that I haven't provided reviews of my other visits to Poetry Unplugged is that essentially they would all be the same. There are too many to review individually and names are not always given. It's pretty damned good though.

If there is such a thing as a poetry event in the part of China I am going to then I shall certainly send you reviews. If not, I may have to start one.