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Friday, 5 August 2011

It vexes me.

A strange little red blobby thing has recently appeared on my RSS feeds. It marks a couple of folders which are, as far as I can tell, in no way different to any of my other folders. It vexes me. It does not appear in any way whatsoever to affect the functionality of the feeds or, indeed, to do anything at all, nonetheless it vexes me because, in my perhaps naive way, I believe it must be there for a reason. The people who wrote the feed aggregator surely haven't just decided to add a random little red blobby thing simply to vex me and therefore it does vex me.
This kind of thing happens to me rather a lot.
Web sites that I visit regularly will suddenly have a new look, or a new feature, or a flashing icon, or an indecipherable message or a little red blobby thing and, whatever it is, it will have appeared without warning and without explanation (that I have seen anyway).
I will puzzle over it for a while, perhaps try to find out from the help screens what it is, and almost inevitably be unable to work it out.
And then, just as inevitably it goes away.
And that vexes me too.
I lead a very vexing existence.

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