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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Random Remarks From Strangers' Conversations

As I was sitting waiting for one of last night's poets to make his way to the stand, I heard someone a few seats behind me say, "I haven't got a copyright on owls".


David Love said...

What a hoot!

I love snatches of conversation heard out of context. My absolute favourite was from 35+ years ago between two very posh chaps who were both probably the product of dangerously close breeding.

"Which do you pwefer? Limethtone or gwanite?"

"Perthonally I pwefer gwanite becauthe I think limethtone'th for fairieth."


Peter Doyle said...

Overheard on an Exeter street: First woman, "She's had to have her boobs done". Second Woman, "Oh? Why's that?" First woman, "Oh cos she had the old sort..."