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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I think this baby might fly

Well, friends, it seems that this might ork after all. I just posted a test message using my remote blogging option and got the confirmation straight back.
Can one of my multitude of loyal readers please email me nd confirm that this rather longer message displays properly on the blog, please?
Anyway. This is the story so far. After a couple of days with my brother I caught a flight to China - well to Amsterdam actually but then on to China. Unfortunately my luggage didn't make it all the way with me though I am expecting it later tonight. Expecting may be too strong a word. I, on the other hand arrived safely in Yangshou and have even found an internet cafe to write this entry.
Yangshou has changed in only minor ways since I was last here ten years or so ago. The plethora of CD shops seems to have disappeared, for example - I could only find two this evening.
The heat is killing. It's seven fifteen in the evening and absolutely sweltering out, hot even here in an air-con cafe.
Tomorrow I am free to explore and take pictures and then the hard graft begins. I'm looking forwrd to it all though. Should be fun.
Once I'm 100% sure this works I'll post more but meanwhile, here's a little observtion from my few days in Eastbourne. It really belongs on the other blog but I didn't set up a remote user for that one.
An Eastbourne Moment
He races along the street
on a mobility scooter;
white haired and ancient;
wearing a stetson
and blowing Dixie on a harmonica.
I hadn't realised that The South
was the south coast.
Don't forget, confirm how this looks for me.